The aim of  TEENS TO QUEENS is to normalise Rites of Passage in our lives with a modern and fresh approach for Teen Daughters, so they can experience an awesome opportunity to create a foundation and a tool kit of resilience and wisdom to grow and learn how to rule over their own life and Queendom.

TEENS to QUEENS provides teenage girls a modern rites experience dedicated to honouring their shift from girlhood to young woman, while identifying the great talents and gifts they are bringing to their community and the world. In collaboration with Future Dreamers, the program gives mothers the opportunity to learn more about the modern pressures facing their daughters and learn how best to support them, while also feeling supported themselves.

The TEENS to QUEENS rites of passage program will help deepen the bond between mother and daughter, giving them a solid base to empower them and to have an ongoing positive and open dialogue about some of the trickier issues in life.

Benefits for Teens
  • Learn positive communication and social skills.
  • Establish a healthy relationship with body.
  • Improve self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Develop their intuition and the relationship they have to it.
  • Learn the balance of freedom vs responsibility.
  • Build resilience and healthy peer relationships.
  • Create stronger relationships with family and community.
Benefits for Mothers or Guardians
  • Initiate a positive changes with your daughter and at home.
  • Time out from your daily routine, connecting to deep nature with create comforts while having a digital detox.

  • Reflect on your relationship with your daughter and your own experience of being a teen.
  • Witness an important new chapter in your daughter’s life.
  • Support of other women and sharing in the wisdom of their stories.